Dressed concrete stones at the corners of buildings, placed in an alternating or stacked position.

Once you choose to use Architectural Foamstone™ quoins for your project, you have a few choices to make.

Alternating or Stacked Patterns:
The type of pattern you choose will depend upon your personal preferences and design requirements.
Chamfered or Square EdgesThis will depend upon the style of your house and other elements that surround the quoin
Height of QuoinWhen choosing the height of the quoin, remember that both sizes (15 5/8″ and 12 3/4″ ) will work with brick coursing.
One or Two Piece QuoinThe major difference between these two is the cost. The price of a two-piece quoin is about 25% less than a one-piece.


Quoin — Stock length 36″


Quoin — Stock length 36″


Quoin — Stock length 36″

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