Applying the correctfoam density to the appropriate molding or architectural accent make Foamstone® moldings one of the most durable options available for all types of uses. Our proprietary coatings results in superior aesthetics with proven longevity. Our chosen sections sizes, installation guidelines, and proprietary bonding and grout materials, coupled with our attention to details, unrivaled quality control procedures, and automated manufacturing standards make Foamstone® the true ” Designer’s choice” .


Foamstone® moldings are cut from EPS foam blocks. Once cut, each molding section is reinforced with fiberglass mesh, and double coated with Foamstone® proprietary cement blends. Various textures and colors give our customers an array of choices for all types of architectural styles.

Foamstone® finished products compare to real stone, are virtually free of cracks, demonstrate excellent resistance to weather extremes, and are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines.Foamstone® EPS Coated FoamFoamstone® EPS coated moldings and architectural elements are more efficient than any other building material used for architectural accents and moldings.

Physical Properties of Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam (EPS)

  • Building Code Classification – ICBO Research Report No. 4169 Factory Mutual No. 4450
  • Surface Burning Characteristics (UL File R5212) B.R.Y.X.
  • ½ – 5 in. Thick + Flame Spread: 15# Smoke Developed 150-300#
  • + – Installed in a thickness, or stored in an effective thickness, as indicated, for a density of 1.0 to 2.0 lb/cu ft
  • # – Flame spread & smoke developed recorded while material remained in the original test position. Ignition of molten residue on the furnace floor resulted in flame travel equivalent to calculated flame spread index of 125 and smoke developed index of over 500.
Adjoining Materials Warning: EPS is subject to attack by liquid solvents or by most solvent base adhesives and other liquid products such as gas, diesel, etc. Care should also be taken to separate any coal tar pitch products or coal tar pitch vapors from any direct contact with EPS foam


Every Space Count
The Foamstone ADVANTAGE

Why Choose Us


Foamstone® is lightweight, easily installed, non-organic, and impervious to attacks by pests.

Moisture & Temperature Resistant

unaffected by weather extremes and its moisture resistant qualities eliminates the potential for mold, mildew and rot, EPS foam is not affected by UV light spectrum.

Fire Resistant Coatings

Foamstone® components are non-combustible and coated with fire resistant cementious coatings.

A Win-Win Situation for the environment

All of our products can be recycled and foam manufacturers are currently experimenting with the fabrication of EPS from recycled products.

Low Maintenance

Minor damage is easily repaired with recommended patching materials.

Cost Engineering

Foamstone® EPS foam coated architectural moldings, are finished with our proprietary cement coatings, and delivered ready to install. This saves on labor for framing, lathing, plastering, & clean-up.

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