About Foamstone

Architectural Firm Based in Los Angeles, California

Foamstone® is set to offer the very best Architectural enhancement foam products at a competitive price, and expeditious service. It is reputed as a pioneer in the industry, with innovative production systems and materials development.

Everything we sell is PAINT GRADE MATERIAL

90% of our customers DO NOT PAINT our moldings

Our Variation of Colors is the beauty of the Stone


Architectural Foamstone® , Inc. was established in 1998, in Los Angeles, and introduced Architectural foam products to the Los Angeles local market.

  • Today, Architectural Foamstone® has developed unique formulations and manufacturing standards to create the density and the variety of finishes offered by the Foamstone® Architectural product line.
  • All Foamstone products are delivered finished and ready to install.
  • Architectural Foamstone® , Inc. concentrates on the manufacturing of known profiles for high production lines.
  • We invest into new machinery for coating applications, cutting applications, meshing, and proprietary cementitious coatings in order to supply you with the strongest cement coated foam shapes in the world.
  • Architectural Foamstone® , Inc. has experienced dramatic growth supplying contractors and builders in the Southern California market. Today, it is proud to offer the new and improved Foamstone product line to its current customers and introduce itself to the rest of the world.
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